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Recognising the signs of resistance that hold you back

Recognising the signs of resistance that hold you back

The transformation of thinking into sensation is what we call resistance. If you alter the thought that gives rise to the challenge, you will remove the source of the resistance. Robert Conklin Resistance is your mind saying NO. Then your mind translates that to your body. 

When I feel resistance, I think of a stuck feeling in my body. It is as if the natural humming flow has congealed. Watch for that experience while you are working on changing your life. 

Resistance to change is an emotional reaction to an unfamiliar situation. Symptoms of resistance can include fear and anxiety. It's essential to recognize the signs of resistance and know how to deal with them. By doing so, you will increase your odds of success.

Whether you are undergoing treatment or just trying to become a better person, learning how to overcome resistance is essential. In addition to working with a therapist, there are other ways to know about this issue.

For example, you can practice a coping strategy that involves self-talk. You can tell yourself a different story and dispel your fears. Meditation can also help you get over your anxiety.

When someone resists, it is usually a symptom of a deeper problem. For example, the person has a fear of change or lack of power. Identifying the root cause of the problem can help you get past it.

While addressing resistance is crucial, it's important not to let it take over. 

Some people ignore new circumstances or processes. Others may try to pretend that they're okay, but this can keep you from achieving your goals.

Understanding your resistance can help you work with a therapist to achieve the best results. 

You should identify the reasons you resist and then define your next steps. As you do this, you can better understand your emotions and behaviors.

In addition to seeking therapy, you can also change your environment. 

If you're experiencing resistance to change, you must talk with your boss and others. Ask questions to feel more comfortable with the changes.

Consider its information. See if you get any ideas about how you feel resistance. 


Three Signs of Resistance: 

1. Forgetting or becoming too distracted to finish something important to you; for instance, while working with a self-help book, all of a sudden. You forget your transformation project and find yourself watching TV, playing computer games, or some other distraction that takes you away from your intended goal. 

2. Becoming too busy to complete things that are important to you and believe you have to do something for someone else; for example, while working with your self-help book, you find you are too busy to do what you thought you wanted to do in the book or you have to help a friend in their life. 

3. Losing interest in completing projects or following through on important things; for example, while working with your book, you have lost interest in the project. Any one of these signs is most likely resistance-speaking. 

Having a support partner relationship in place helps ensure that you overcome any resistance that arises. However, as you watch for it, you will likely find resistance quite familiar. Resistance is just the opposite of willingness. 

You may be using resistance to give yourself a rest, however, monitor your breathing and challenge yourself to go beyond it and stick to the changes that will provide you with the life you want.

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How Can I Learn to Meditate - Everybody can do it.

How Can I Learn to Meditate - Everybody can do it.

It's like riding a bike; once you've learned how to meditate, then it's a process you'll have access to the whole of your life. But where can you learn to meditate? 

There are online meditation tutorials, so they are often an excellent place to start. So long as they're not complicated with lots of jargon. 

Most are good and take the time to explain any terms they use so that beginners can understand them. When starting, it's essential to choose a meditation method that's easy to pick up. 

I'd suggest a breathing meditation, a walking meditation, or, if you prefer, a "high-tech" meditation like Centerpointe, where all you need to do is sit down and play a CD. 

Centerpointe meditation is a mindfulness practice that involves focusing on your breath. As a result, you may experience an increase in serotonin, promoting positive moods. In addition, meditation can relieve stress and anxiety. Taking a few minutes out of your day to meditate can have surprising benefits.

The Centerpointe program takes you through several enlightening experiences. First, it takes you through the process of achieving your CenterPoint, which is a point of focus. 

The program uses binaural beats, individual tones presented to both the left and right ear, cleverly interwoven into audio CDs.

Of course, each method has pluses and minuses, but as a general rule, they are all easy enough to pick up. 

Once you've decided on a meditation method, try it for a week, and see whether or not you get on with it. If you do, keep going with it. If you don't, then try another method instead. As with everything else in life, not everyone gets on with everything. 

There's no embarrassment if you don't like a particular method. A week or two's trial is a reasonable length of time. Anything less, and it's unlikely you've given the technique a fair trial. 

After all, driving a car took you more than one lesson. Do your best to meditate at the same time each day. We're creatures of habit, including meditation, especially when you are learning something new, set aside a specific time of the day when you are most likely to be able to carry out your meditation practice.

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Got a health Problem Yoga can solve it. Part 1

Got a health Problem Yoga can solve it. Part 1

Once mocked as a strange trend in health and fitness, a series of peculiar body poses are now widely accepted as a way of life for many individuals. The act of striking various positions has been around for at least 5,000 years and is being practiced today under Yoga. 

Although it is known as a physical activity, this style of physical culture includes several particular postures that are unique to the practice. These poses have been widely acknowledged and encouraged in drug-free healing cycles for ages.

With a sensible and proper diet emphasizing fruits and vegetables (the Mucus-less diet), these specific ailments listed below can each alleviate consistent and wise execution of the poses recommended. 

1. Acne: Sun Salutations, the Shoulder stand and its counter-poses, Head-to-knee poses, Peacock poses, and Abdominal isolation. 

Often considered the best yoga sequence for beginners, Sun Salutations are a powerful way to improve health and wellness. Besides helping you learn how to connect with your breath, they also increase your energy levels and build confidence. You can perform the Sun Salutation sequence several times, at different speeds, and in various poses. Performing 108 repetitions of the Sun Salutation is an excellent way to cleanse your body and mind.

2. Arms Sagging: Sun Salutations, Incline plane pose, Bow pose, Wheel pose, and Balancing poses (Peacock and Crow) 

3. Asthma: Deep abdominal breathing, Shoulder-stand, bridge, fish pose, Bow pose, and Corpse pose (Abstinence from animal products and ALL processed foods strongly required! (fruits and veggies only!) 

4. Back-Ache: Sun Salutations, Fish pose, Bow pose 

5. Bad Breath: Sun Salutations, Inverted poses, Bow and Balancing poses, Cleansing fire poses, and Breathing exercises. (short fasts and restricted occasional juicy organic fruit diets) 

6. Body Odor: Sun Salutations, the Shoulder-stand (15-20 Minutes after the poses are practiced, use a warm damp rag to wipe the pubic regions) 

7. Bust and Chest (firming): Sun Salutations, Bow, Crow pose 

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Silver Jewelry; The Mystique and Intrigue

Silver Jewelry; The Mystique and Intrigue

In ancient myths and history, jewelry made of sterling silver has consistently been one of the most treasured precious metals. The mystique and allure of silver come from the fact that it is used to make currency and sterling silver jewelry. In addition, silver is utilized in a wide variety of items .


Theft of sterling silver jewelry or the search for stolen silver jewelry items with magical properties is the basis for several film themes. If you have a passion for sterling silver jewelry, you most likely experience the same emotions each time you do a piece of sterling silver jewelry before heading off on an adventure.


Keeping Sterling Silver Jewelry Clean!

Throughout its 4,000-year existence, sterling silver jewelry has evolved into an incredible range of forms and surface finishes. But have you ever noticed how the sterling silver jewelry you wear draws your attention and makes you feel enchanted? It is not only an illusion on your part.

The highly polished surface of sterling silver jewelry, which reflects light like no other type of jewelry can, is where the hypnotic power of sterling silver jewelry originates. Rhodium plating, which results in a finish that is noticeably darker than sterling silver plating, is yet another finish that may be applied to sterling silver jewelry. You are aware that jewelry made of sterling silver will eventually become black.

Always have a cotton cloth and some silver polish on hand to maintain the brilliant luster of your sterling silver jewelry.


Why Sterling Silver Jewelry is it 92.5% Silver?

Jewelry cast from silver containing 92.5% silver is sterling silver jewelry. Jewelry made from sterling silver that is 100% pure is somewhat malleable and prone to bending and breaking.

The high silver content results in sterling silver jewelry helping create beautiful and long-lasting items.

There are many reproductions of the sterling silver jewelry that kings and queens wore in ancient times. Some serve as a symbolic link between those in love today and those in love in the past.

You can shop online for sterling silver jewelry to get ancient jewelry that is gorgeous, remarkable, and stirs the soul.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Buying When purchasing jewelry made of sterling silver, you need to look for a few things to ensure you get the highest possible quality for your money. Here are some pointers to consider:

1. Look for pieces that are hallmarked "925", which is an indication of high-quality sterling silver.

2. Examine the piece closely for any signs of wear or damage. If you see any, moving on to another piece is best.

3. Make sure the piece you're considering is from a reputable source. Unfortunately, many fake or low-quality sterling silver jewelry items are on the market, so you want to be sure you're getting the real deal.

4. Ask about return policies and guarantees before making your purchase. Knowing the return policies will give you peace of mind if there are any issues with your item.

5. Avoid caution and go with a higher-priced piece when in doubt.              


It's better to spend a little extra now and have a beautiful piece of jewelry that will last for years than to save a few bucks and end up with something that's not as nice.

Keep these tips in mind when shopping for sterling silver jewelry, and you'll find a beautiful, high-quality piece that you'll cherish for years to come!

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