Got a health Problem Yoga can solve it. Part 1

Got a health Problem Yoga can solve it. Part 1

Once mocked as a strange trend in health and fitness, a series of peculiar body poses are now widely accepted as a way of life for many individuals. The act of striking various positions has been around for at least 5,000 years and is being practiced today under Yoga. 

Although it is known as a physical activity, this style of physical culture includes several particular postures that are unique to the practice. These poses have been widely acknowledged and encouraged in drug-free healing cycles for ages.

With a sensible and proper diet emphasizing fruits and vegetables (the Mucus-less diet), these specific ailments listed below can each alleviate consistent and wise execution of the poses recommended. 

1. Acne: Sun Salutations, the Shoulder stand and its counter-poses, Head-to-knee poses, Peacock poses, and Abdominal isolation. 

Often considered the best yoga sequence for beginners, Sun Salutations are a powerful way to improve health and wellness. Besides helping you learn how to connect with your breath, they also increase your energy levels and build confidence. You can perform the Sun Salutation sequence several times, at different speeds, and in various poses. Performing 108 repetitions of the Sun Salutation is an excellent way to cleanse your body and mind.

2. Arms Sagging: Sun Salutations, Incline plane pose, Bow pose, Wheel pose, and Balancing poses (Peacock and Crow) 

3. Asthma: Deep abdominal breathing, Shoulder-stand, bridge, fish pose, Bow pose, and Corpse pose (Abstinence from animal products and ALL processed foods strongly required! (fruits and veggies only!) 

4. Back-Ache: Sun Salutations, Fish pose, Bow pose 

5. Bad Breath: Sun Salutations, Inverted poses, Bow and Balancing poses, Cleansing fire poses, and Breathing exercises. (short fasts and restricted occasional juicy organic fruit diets) 

6. Body Odor: Sun Salutations, the Shoulder-stand (15-20 Minutes after the poses are practiced, use a warm damp rag to wipe the pubic regions) 

7. Bust and Chest (firming): Sun Salutations, Bow, Crow pose 

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