Recognising the signs of resistance that hold you back

Recognising the signs of resistance that hold you back

The transformation of thinking into sensation is what we call resistance. If you alter the thought that gives rise to the challenge, you will remove the source of the resistance. Robert Conklin Resistance is your mind saying NO. Then your mind translates that to your body. 

When I feel resistance, I think of a stuck feeling in my body. It is as if the natural humming flow has congealed. Watch for that experience while you are working on changing your life. 

Resistance to change is an emotional reaction to an unfamiliar situation. Symptoms of resistance can include fear and anxiety. It's essential to recognize the signs of resistance and know how to deal with them. By doing so, you will increase your odds of success.

Whether you are undergoing treatment or just trying to become a better person, learning how to overcome resistance is essential. In addition to working with a therapist, there are other ways to know about this issue.

For example, you can practice a coping strategy that involves self-talk. You can tell yourself a different story and dispel your fears. Meditation can also help you get over your anxiety.

When someone resists, it is usually a symptom of a deeper problem. For example, the person has a fear of change or lack of power. Identifying the root cause of the problem can help you get past it.

While addressing resistance is crucial, it's important not to let it take over. 

Some people ignore new circumstances or processes. Others may try to pretend that they're okay, but this can keep you from achieving your goals.

Understanding your resistance can help you work with a therapist to achieve the best results. 

You should identify the reasons you resist and then define your next steps. As you do this, you can better understand your emotions and behaviors.

In addition to seeking therapy, you can also change your environment. 

If you're experiencing resistance to change, you must talk with your boss and others. Ask questions to feel more comfortable with the changes.

Consider its information. See if you get any ideas about how you feel resistance. 


Three Signs of Resistance: 

1. Forgetting or becoming too distracted to finish something important to you; for instance, while working with a self-help book, all of a sudden. You forget your transformation project and find yourself watching TV, playing computer games, or some other distraction that takes you away from your intended goal. 

2. Becoming too busy to complete things that are important to you and believe you have to do something for someone else; for example, while working with your self-help book, you find you are too busy to do what you thought you wanted to do in the book or you have to help a friend in their life. 

3. Losing interest in completing projects or following through on important things; for example, while working with your book, you have lost interest in the project. Any one of these signs is most likely resistance-speaking. 

Having a support partner relationship in place helps ensure that you overcome any resistance that arises. However, as you watch for it, you will likely find resistance quite familiar. Resistance is just the opposite of willingness. 

You may be using resistance to give yourself a rest, however, monitor your breathing and challenge yourself to go beyond it and stick to the changes that will provide you with the life you want.

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