Viking Knot Silver Set Bronze Valknut Ring


Viking Knot Silver Set Bronze Valknut Ring

Artistically Hand made to give you comfortable and a great feeling. 

The Viking knot ring or Odins knot if you prefer

Valknut symbol. 

There isn't any  doubt, the Valknut is probably the most prominent and popular of the Viking symbols. Also known as Odin’s knot or Hrungnir’s heart. The slain warrior and the Heart of Vala.

Valknut’ it's meaning is derived from two different words: ‘valr’ meaning slain warrior and ‘knut’ meaning knot.

According to the Norse faith, in Valhalla (the Hall of the Slain), Odin, the god of war and death in Norse mythology, welcomed warriors slain/killed in battle.

The nine corners of the 3 triangles making up the Valknut are also associated with the nine Norse worlds and the cycle of life through motherhood.

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  • 925 silver


Product information:
Material: silver
Modelling: geometric
Processing technology: Seiko
Style: retro
Material purity: 925 silver
Style classification: literary retro
Thickness: about 0.2cm
Size: about 0.5cm high

Packing list:
Ring X1PCS


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