Natural Stone Yellow Tiger's Eye Protection Pendant


Tiger's Eye Protection Pendant

The Yellow Tiger's Eye, known as a powerful protection stone with healers and particularly for grounding. This is why it encourages correct use of ones power. Your self-control and integrity will enhance.

Yellow Tiger’s Eye will attract good luck and prosperity into your life, regularly in forms of money.

  • Works with the solar plexus chakra
  • Strengthens personal willpower
  • Clarity of intention, allows manifestations at the highest levels

Yellow Tiger’s Eye will support necessary changes in all aspects of life. Commonly used by healers to deal cure mental and personality disorders by helping with issues of self-criticism, self-worth, and blocked creativity.

If ever you feel spaced out or uncommitted, and need help to accomplish goals, Yellow Tigers eye will bring back sharpness to your inner vision.

  • Confidence
  • Protection
  • Good-Fortune
  • Power
  • Insight
  • Grounding


Product information
Style: Vintage
Material: Stainless steel
Treatment process: electroplating
Type: pendant, pendant
Style: Unisex
Style: Rectangular brand
Packaging: Individually packed

Packing list
Pendant x1



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