Mantra Heart Sutra Pixiu Ring


ALLGRI'S Mantra Heart Sutra Ring

This is a very good looking ring that would make your whole hand and personality more attractive. Handmade for quality and style. Polished to and incredible smooth finish.

  • Handmade with a top smooth finish
  • The ring of wealth

The pixiu mantra ring is amazing, in that it can help bring good fortune and wealth. The unique symbols of pixiu and the six true words mantra that are engraved on it make it a fashionable piece of jewellery and a good luck charm.

Buying the ring is not enough – you'll want to know how to wear it, so you can gain the greatest benefits from the mantra ring.

  • Attracts good fortune
  • Increases wealth
  • Protects from negativity and evil spirits
  • Mystical powers 

Wearing the mantra pixiu ring

The pixiu mantra ring is said to have mystical powers that will bring its wearer good luck and prosperity.

It's essential to wear the wealth ring properly to take advantages brought by the pixiu dragon and the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra, that are engraved within it. 

You must wear the ring on the middle finger on either hand, depending on one’s gender. Men wear the ring on the middle finger of the left hand. Women on the right.

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It is said that putting the ring on the wrong finger could cause catastrophic damage and may reduce wealth-attracting properties.

Each finger on your hand serves as an extension of the energy attracted by the ring, which makes the middle finger the most appropriate and best for wealth-attracting energy.

If the mantra ring is on your ring finger and not your middle finger, it will attract more energy for harmonious relationships rather than wealth and money. That's why it's important that the ring on the correct finger.



Material: Copper
Style: Vintage
Style: Pixiu
Treatment process: electroplating
Applicable gift-giving occasions: birthday

  • Style: Men's
  • Colour: Pixiu Ring with Great Wall Pattern - Pixiu Ring with Cloud Pattern
  • Size: Adjustable opening

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