Luxury Natural Stone Heart-shaped Winding Bracelet With Jasper Crystal


ALLGRI'S Heart-shaped Winding Bracelet

This elegant Luxury Natural Stone Heart-shaped Winding Bracelet With Jasper Crystal is an exquisite accessory that is sure to turn heads. Made with natural stones, its unique shape is complemented by the Jasper crystal, which adds a touch of sophistication, and its winding design makes a stylish statement. Its timeless design, quality craftsmanship and resilient construction guarantee years of use and enjoyment.

Of all the gemstones, the best for stress is jasper. Commonly Known as “supreme nurturer.” It can help achieve a natural state of calm and peace. It will protect the inner energy within you by absorbing all negativity. When times are hard, the jasper crystal is certainly one you would want close by.

  • Hand crafted
  • Helps achieve positivity
  • Will help to bring a natural state of calm and zen
  • Stunning looks
  • Makes you feel great when you put it on

This luxury natural stone bracelet is the perfect accessory for relaxation and calming. The heart-shaped stone helps to ground the wearer and protect them from absorbing negativity. The Jasper Crystal amplifies a natural state of calm.

Jasper can also draw out truth from within, whilst helping to see things clearly and being honest with yourself. It also helps to clear out spaces for environmental pollution and radiation.

Red jasper has a strong connections to the earth, a grounding stone, that symbolises strength and stamina, both physically and emotionally. 



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