ALLGRI Rings Adjustable 5.5"- 8" / Size S for Women Six Syllable Mantra Ring
ALLGRI Rings Adjustable 8"- 12" / Size L for Men Six Syllable Mantra Ring
ALLGRI Rings Six Syllable Mantra Ring
ALLGRI Rings Six Syllable Mantra Ring
ALLGRI Rings Six Syllable Mantra Ring
ALLGRI Rings Six Syllable Mantra Ring

Six Syllable Mantra Ring

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Reconnecting to Your Inner Compassion and Self.

The six-syllable mantra or the Om Mani Padme Hum is the center of many Buddhism traditions. 
It is said that by simply looking at it brings about the same great benefits of reciting it. Some use accessories with engraves of the six-syllable mantra to connect with the ingrained loving nature.

Wear this beautiful Buddhist Ring to stay protected in any environment. This Six Syllable Mantra Ring is believed to eliminate negative Karma and remove internal and external obstacles that lay in the path of one's spiritual development. This unique, Six Syllable Mantra Ring is designed, handmade and blessed by Tibetan Buddhist Monks.

Wearing This Six Syllable Mantra Ring Is Believed To Help To...

☑️ ELIMINATE NEGATIVE KARMA - Wear the ring for good luck or attracting positive energy.

☑️ ATTRACT BLESSINGS & GOOD LUCK - Creates good karma and as a part of the wearer's spiritual path it will attract happiness, abundance, luck, and prosperity.

☑️ REMOVE OBSTACLES - The powerful mantra of compassion and mercy removes obstacles lying in the way of one's personal & spiritual development.


 ALLGRI™ Exclusive - Not Sold In Stores!

A unique, eye-catching piece of jewelry

☑️ Designed, handmade & blessed by Tibetan Buddhist Monks. 

☑️ Ring are made of 925 Sterling Silver

☑️ Nickel Free - 100% Allergy Safe

The Buddhist Mantra Ring features the six syllables of the Buddhist mantra: Om Mani Pad-me Hum.

  1. Om (ohm) - destroys the ego, helps generosity
  2. Ma (mah) - removes jealousy, helps ethics
  3. Ni (nee) - removes desire, helps patience
  4. Pad (pahd)- removes prejudice, helps perseverance
  5. Me (meh) - removes possessiveness, helps concentration
  6. Hum (hum) - removes hatred, helps wisdom

The mantra is said to purify ritual places, protect oneself from evil spirits, sickness and misfortune, and invite peace, prosperity and auspiciousness into one's home, mind and body.


This Six Syllable Mantra Ring is made of 925 Sterling Silver! 

Width: 0.39 inches (10 mm)

Weight: 0.25 Ounces (7.3 g)

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