Pure Copper Abacus Beads Nepalese Bracelet/Necklace


Abacus Beads Nepalese Bracelet/Necklace

Woven by hand to ashore the passion and love that goes into the abacus Nepalese Bracelet. You can simply wear as a necklace if your mood takes  you there.
The mixture of Three eyed agate dzi and turquoise make this stunning bracelet standout and bring out the best in you.
It is smooth to wear on an everyday basis and won't discolour your skin.
The health benefits of copper are well known through the world. The base chakra is associated with copper, which represent a passion for life and stability also the sacral chakra which brings creativity and wisdom.

Coppers connection with the physical and astral bodies, align the subtle bodies. It is said to amplify and to transmit thought and the bringer of "good," giving benefit for the user, including luck, particularly in recovery of properties

  • Handmade highlights piety and ensure excellent quality.
  • Grinded and polished repeatedly to ensure smoothness, durability and the ability not to fade
  • Brings positive and balanced life energy into your whole being
  • Helps spread positive energy around you and attracts positivity and luck into your life


 Specification: diameter 6.5mm -108 pieces, weight 120g

Mix and match beads: three-eyed agate dzi, turquoise, copper tee suffix

Material: solid copper


Reminder:  The colour may be slightly different from that in the pictures.




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