Natural Crystal Bracelet Women's Yoga and Meditation Proverbs


This stylish Natural Crystal Bracelet is expertly crafted to provide the ideal balance of beauty and wellness. With features such as a luxurious design, hand-crafted Proverbs, and natural crystals, this bracelet is perfect for women’s and men's yoga and meditation practice. 

  • Beautiful hand crafted
  • A perfect balance of wellness and stunning looks
  • Healing and calming properties
  • Helps to bring prosperity into your life

Its bioenergy properties are designed to be calming and uplifting to help you power through your practice.


Product information:

Material: Crystal
Style: simple and stylish
Features: Geometry
Colour: Colorful

Size Information:

Bead diameter 8mm

Chain length 19cm

Packing list:



Product Image:

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