Gold-plated opal and turquoise magnet health bracelet


Magnet health bracelet

Delightful and gorgeous gold plated health bracelet that will not only fill you with a fresh breeze of light with it's beautiful glow. It also can benefit your health with healing stones and the power of magnetic energy. 

 There are many processes in the body to which Zinc benefits, which are essential for everyday health. These includes vital cell divisions that affect every part of your body. Mineral deficiency is a possibility may be experienced with no zinc. 

  • Zinc benefits the function of the immune system, which helps to protect you from disease
  • Zinc benefits the skin too and is often included in hair, skin and nails products
  • It benefits wound healing by clotting the blood around the wound
  • Zinc benefits enzymes speeding up reactions by stabilising the structure of these enzymes
  • Protein synthesis - Meaning to make proteins. Zinc benefits this by regulating the structures of elements which go into making proteins
  • Thanks to zinc’s benefits with cell division, means it helps growth and development as your body is made of cells
  • Zinc may help to reduce oxidative stress caused by free-radicals and therefore reduce inflammation

Positive Thinking:

One main reasons people benefit by wearing magnetic bracelets is not all down to the science. It's simply the power of positive thinking. They expect to benefit from the use of magnetic bracelets, and that positive mindset helps create results in their bodies.

  • Adjustment of magnetic fields in the body
  • Reduction in inflammation
  • Improved blood flow
  • Migration of calcium ions
  • Increased melatonin
  • Help the body produce endorphins


The powerful opal is a positive stone that as many many benefits. These including, love, mental clarity, and emotional regulation. Also opals have a number of health benefits, such as reducing infections, aiding blood disorders, and detoxifying the liver, heart, and chest.

  • It is ideal choice for crystal healing.
  • It is very versatile, and the fact that there are so many different types of opal with different specific healing qualities makes it a positive addition to any crystal collection.


Product name: opal health bracelet
Material: environmentally friendly zinc alloy/opal/magnet
Colour: 18K gold
Process: vacuum plating/inlay
Size: 21*0.8 cm
Weight: 30 grams

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