Colored zircon ring


Allgri's Zircon Ring

Picture yourself wearing this Colored Zircon Ring, that offers beauty, elegance and long-lasting craftsmanship in a stunning design.

Expertly polished and plated with a variety of rich hues, these unique jewelry pieces will stand the test of time.

  • Hand crafted
  • Beautifully designed
  • A verity of semi-precious stones
  • Helps to bring joy and good feelings  

Thickness: 1.0cm (manual measurement, there may be a slight error in the specification and weight of the actual goods, please refer to the actual weight)
Material: copper electroplating 18k genuine gold +AAA zircon



The no

 4  5
 The perimeter 46.8 49.4 52 54.5 57.2

The diameter of

 14.8  15.7  16.5  17.3  18.2

Ring size selection port code comparison table
Measurement steps:
Preparation tools: inelastic rope or strip, tape or ruler;
Wrap the rope around the part of the ring and tighten it as much as you want to wear it, keeping the rope straight.
Use a thinner marker to mark the junction.
Recording accuracy to millimetre;
It is recommended to measure more than three times and take the average value.


Manual measurement error, suggested to the physical jewelry store measurement;
Avoid cold measurements, which are smaller than usual;
The measurement results are usually listed below. If they are not within the scope, it is recommended to re-measure or go to the jewelry store for measurement


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